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Change natural soil to meet engineering purpose

Soil stabilization a term for any physical, chemical, biological, or combined method of changing a natural soil to meet an engineering purpose.  Soil Stabilization is the alteration of soils to enhance their physical properties. This process can increase the shear strength of a soil and/or control the shrink-swell properties of a soil, thus improving the load bearing capacity of a sub-grade to support pavements and foundations. The prime objective of soil stabilization is to improve the soils by 4 to 6 times. The other prime objective of soil stabilization is to improve on-site materials to create a solid and strong sub-base and base courses.


Soil stabilization is done by utilizing the binding properties of clay soils, cement-based products such as CKD, Flyash or Lime with water and utilizing compaction to obtain a denser base.


Soil stabilization is typically used by contractors in a commercial setting to improve the weight bearing capabilities and performance of subsoils, sands, and other waste materials in order to strengthen road surfaces and parking lots and sometimes building pads.  


Special machinery is used to pulverize the soil and mix the materials.  In the case of clay soils, lime and water are added to introduce heat to the soil.  For sandy soils, flyash or cement dust (CKD) is added.  Once the material is incorporated into the soil, water is added to activate the material.  The surface is graded and compacted to the proper density.  This process increases the density of the subsurface and provides a superior base for asphalt or concrete as well as a better moisture barrier.


Peace of Mind: Soil stabilization gives you the assurance that the subgrade can handle the weight being placed upon it.  It also helps to osmose water, which can hasten the drying process of a saturated subgrade.


Equipped: We provide all equipment necessary to complete your job.  No worrying if your stabilization project is being done incorrectly with unorthodox equipment.


Experienced: Over 30yrs of experience in the soil industry with the complete knowledge of grades and densities needed for dirt projects & soil stabilization.

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